Hag/Odin/Holey Stone Necklaces


These are necklaces made with Hag stone pendants. The first is a hag stone wrapped with gold plated wire and comes on a 18″ brown cord. The pendant hangs about 2 1/2″.  The second is made with a hag stone and lava beads. It comes on a 32″ black cord and pendant hangs about 4″.   The necklace with the lava beads come with a small bottle of essential oil in your choice of fragrance. Hag stones are also called Odin Stones, Holey Stones, and Witches Stones. The 3rd one in the picture is not available. 


Holey stones (also known as Odin Stones or Hag Stones) are literally stones with natural holes in i.e. made by nature by crashing together along a sea bed with water rushing past and then through them creating the holes.


Holey/Odin/Hag/Witch’s Stone Necklaces

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Hag Stone Necklace

Gold Wrapped with Brown Cord, Silver with Black Cord and lava beads, Antique Copper with lava beads and handmade chain

Essential Oils

Jasmine, lavender, rose, the ocean, rosemary, snow lotus, Osmanthus, carnations, violet, Lemon, strawberry, N/A


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