Tree of Life Pendant


This is a tree of life, wire wrapped on a cabochon. There is a Labradorite, Slice, White or Green Moss Agates or Cats Eyes Cabochons to choose from.  All of the pendants come with a 20″-24″ chain matching wire used to make the tree of life.  Some chains are handmade. Cats Eyes are available in pink, green, purple and blue.  Wire is also available in gold-plated, copper, silver-plated or sterling silver for Cat’s Eye cabochons only.  The Agates and Labradorite Tree of Life cabochons are already created.   Sterling silver would be considered a custom order and all custom terms would apply. *

*All custom orders require 50% non-refundable deposit and the remainder due upon completion of the piece.  There is no returns or refunds on custom orders. 

CAT’S EYE is a grounding stone that provides a very effective protective energy. Cat’s Eye dispels unwanted energy from the aura. It amplifies good luck and fortune. Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye transforms negative thoughts into positive energy.

LABRADORITEis a powerful protector of the aura, preventing energy leakage, and others from tapping into and draining your personal energy. It ensures all elemental forces are empowered and proportional within one’s system.

AGATE: Has emotional healing. It enhances the mental function of a person by simply improving their concentration, awareness, and diagnostic abilities. It is also an anti-inflammatory stone that assists in healing infections, swelling, flu, colds, as well as reducing fever.  In this stone, the spiritual power of green is combined with that of agate. According to modern healers who use stones in healing, green agate increases compassion, generosity and a keen sense of justice, along with enhancing mental and emotional flexibility, improving decision-making and resolving disputes.

THE TREE OF LIVE is a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health, and a bright future. As a symbol of immortality. A tree grows old, yet it bears seeds that contain its very essence, and, in this way, the tree becomes immortal. As a symbol of growth and strength.


Tree of Life Pendant with Agate stone, Labradorite stone or Cats Eye

Additional information

Weight .5 oz

White Agate, Sliced Agate, Labradorite, Green Moss Agate, Cats Eye, Rose Quartz

Cats Eye Color

Pink, green, purple, blue, NA

Wire Color

Silver Plated, Gold Plated, Copper, Sterling Silver, NA


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