Women’s Rings Handcrafted


A variety of different rings made with silver, gold or rose gold plated wire and various stones, beads and/or pearls.


These are handcrafted women’s rings. 

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Style and Size

Women's Silver Plated and Turquoise adjustable swirl ring, Women's Copper and Garnet adjustable swirl ring, Women's Gold Plated and Pink adjustable swirl ring, Women's Antique Copper & GP Size 6 1/2, Women's GP w/white stone Size 10 1/2, Women's GP Rose Size 12, Women's SP 7 1/2", Women's GP 3-clear Montee Size 8, Women's SP 2-Purple Montee Size 8 1/2, Women's GP Rose 7 1/2, Women's Purple wired with bead Size 9 1/2, Women's Gold with Black Size 5 1/2, Women's SP with Red & Silver Beads Size 6, Women's SP with a red bead Size 6, Women's SP with red Montee size 6 1/2, Women's GP with clear Montee and gold beads Size 5 1/4, Women's Copper rose with yellow cat's eye Size 7 1/4, Women's GP Herringbone with Pearl Size 7, Women's SP with Red Montee and Silver Beads Size 4, Women's SP Swirl Size 10, Women's GP with green Montee Size 8 3/4


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